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helpers::SecureVector< T > Class Template Reference

threadsafe (but not exceptionsafe!) std::vector More...

#include <SecureVector.h>

Inherits std::vector< T >.

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Public Member Functions

void lock (void) const
 calls lock of the criticalsection /mutex
void unlock (void) const
 calls unlock of the criticalsection /mutex
citerator begin (bool lockit) const
 calls lock, std::vector::begin and returns the result
citerator end (void) const
 calls std::vector::end and returns the result
iterator begin (bool lockit)
 calls lock, std::vector::begin and returns the result
iterator end (void)
 calls std::vector::end and returns the result
iterator erase (iterator it)
 calls std::vector::erase. Container should be locked before
void clear (bool lockit)
 calls lock, std::vector::clear and unlock
void push_back (const T &e, bool lockit, bool other)
 calls lock, std::vector::push_back and unlock
void push_front (const T &e, bool lockit)
 calls lock, std::vector::push_front and unlock
void remove (const T &e, bool lockit)
 calls lock, std::vector::remove and unlock
void swap (p &vector, bool lockit)
 calls lock, std::vector::swap and unlock
size_type size (void) const
 calls std::vector::size and returns the result
bool empty (void) const
 calls std::vector::empty and returns the result

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class helpers::SecureVector< T >

threadsafe (but not exceptionsafe!) std::vector

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