SyncSys Documentation

Goal of this project is to develop a c++ library for synchronizing objects of one server with n-clients over network which provides following features:

=> SyncSys is designed to be a network solution (c++ - under zlib license - Win/Linux/Unix) which is really MMO ready!

This results in some design decisions which may be a bit unusual. I.e. the library does not automatically iterate over all registrated elements to update them. The developer has to take care of updating all objects on the server by an implicit or explicit NetEntity::PerformNeededUpdates call. Another example is, that objects are not created by a callback at clientside. They should be created by their parent/superior element.

The library is composed of three parts:

If you have questions or an idea for improvements just contact me or post in the forum.
You want a comparison to other solutions like i.e. RakNet or enet? Take a look at this.
Looking for the newest code?
Or do you need an example? usage example 1, usage example 2, usage example 3
This library is licensed under zlib.

Licensing: Just contact me under :)