Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
helpers::NetworkBufferHelpclass for data-(de)-serialization
helpers::SecureList< T >Threadsafe (but not exceptionsafe!) std::list
helpers::SecureMap< TKey, TVal >Threadsafe (but not exceptionsafe!) std::map
helpers::SecureVector< T >Threadsafe (but not exceptionsafe!) std::vector
netlib::BasicClientBasisnetwork-client for connection to a basicnetwork-server
netlib::BasicServerClientBasisnetwork-serverclient which representates a participant/ a to the server connected client
netlib::ClientclassBase class for message-,packet- and connection-handling. Used on server and client side
netlib::InitDataContainer for some important info for a new connected client
netlib::NetworkBase class for every socket based communication (UDP or TCP)
netlib::PacketClass carring the sent data and the message
syncsys::MemExClientSpecialised version of netlib::BasicClient for the sync system
syncsys::MemExServerSpecialised version of netlib::BasicServer for the sync system
syncsys::MemExServerClientSpecialised version of netlib::BasicServerClient for the sync system
syncsys::NetEntityBase class for all classes which should be to synchronized by the sync system
syncsys::NetIDManagerClass for managing the NetIDs of NetEntity
syncsys::SyncClientBase class for a client
syncsys::SyncServerClientBase class for a to the server connected client